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The Shondes in: My First Concert.

28 Sep

An only-appropriate topic for Tour Day 17.


High Art.

26 Sep

Looks like Temim has a new career in film.  Please note the exquisite camera work.  This is very abstract so you might not understand it.  Be patient with yourself, and allow yourself to watch it 3-400 times.  You’ll get it eventually.

(Inspired by Toonces, the original driving cat.  Created in the backseat of the van to the chagrin of everyone else involved.  Big love to Ted Leo, of course.)

Please, step into our office.

26 Sep





In Which We Vlog From The PacVan.

26 Sep

It’s all true, folks.

Keep your eyes right here for more sensational content FROM THE BACKSEAT!


tour, day twelve.

22 Sep

With the understanding that it is both bizarre and somewhat irresponsible to start a tour blog on day twelve, I move brashly forward regardless with this entry from LA.

The last ELEVEN days have been a whirlwind of good-ness.  If Cher could turn back time, I might blog each one to its fullest, but seeing as how she has not been able to do so since 1989, I will give you the briefest of brief rundowns.

1. Lexington, KY: A return to Al’s Bar, home of my first ever fried green tomatoes and my first ever Ale 8 (bless its green, caffienated heart) to play with The Spooky Q’s, who we <3.

2. Louisville, KY:  We play The Rudyard Kipling (with Madame Machine, who killed it!)  and see a buncha people we really like.  We are overwhelmed by unbearably good brunch courtesy of Salena and Jen and stellar Nord’s donuts courtesy of Quimby. (I particularly give the maple several thumbs up).

3.  Atlanta, GA: Wonderroot is awesome as ever.  So is the Sonia Tetlow band.  We find a lovely green bathroom which, we decide, doubles as a photo booth, and we take several thousand pictures like these:

We have brunch at Ria’s Bluebird (Best. Pancakes. EVER.  No joke.  AND everything comes in a bowl.  Awesome.) with our friend Katy and stay in a weird businessman hotel with a glass elevator that feels like sci fi.  Nobody there is really sure what we are doing there because all we ever want to do is vlog at the hotel pool.

4.  Memphis, TN: We have never played here before, so playing at the Hi-Tone (with the gorgous-sounding Holly Cole and her band) is a treat, and not just because they give us free fried artichokes NOR because we got to watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High while we waited to go onstage.  The next day. we go to the incredibly moving Stax Museum, where we learn a ton about the history of so much of the soul music that has come out of Memphis, and get to listen to and see some incredible stuff, including performance photos and footage of Otis Redding from his wife’s personal collection.  We also get interviewed, somewhat incoherently at 9am, on WEVL.

5. Fayetteville, AR: is beautiful, as are the Ozarks!  We play a fun show and can’t stop singing the praises of our new friend Hannah the delicious offerings of the Little Bread Company, for which she is responsible!

6. Albuquerque, NM: We hang out, largely in hammocks, with our friend Ricky, and play a show at UNM for some awesome people who have to endure some PA system science experiments as a part of the performance.  We eat way, way too many chiles.  If there is any such thing as ‘too many’ when it comes to chiles.

7. Tucson, AZ: Why is everyone in Tucson SO NICE?  This is the burning question on each Shonde’s mind as we spend a couple nights at the beautiful and historic Hotel Congress and where total strangers approach our van just to say “Welcome to Tucson!”  We play at the equally awesome (and adjacent) Club Congress with Seashell Radio, who sound lush and lovely as ever, and get to carry our cocktails upstairs to our room after the show, which makes me feel like we’re in a movie (it doesn’t take much to make me feel like we’re in a movie).  We fall asleep to the sounds of people karaoke-ing beneath us.  The next day, after a soy latte that practically makes me cry, 3/4 us ‘hike’ briefly at Gates’ Pass (we are halted by a minor if now-somewhat-awesome-and-legendary cactus catastrophe) and finish off the day dinnering with our friends TC and Kristin at Casa Libre, where we swim and hot-tub under the desert stars, and, most importantly, learn a lot about Legend of the Seeker.

7. Phoenix, AZ: We play at DIY space The Trunk Space where we meet all kinds of awesome people and hear all kinds of awesome music (including that of Il Abanico) and learn a thing or two from the four awesome *scientists* who come and see us play!

8. And so, here we are in Los Angeles, CA.  We get to walk on Venice Beach (Nighttime beachwalk!  That’s where we are below, tho it’s hard to tell) and nearly perish of joy.  Today we fully intend to bike the glorious beaches of LA and I personally plan to encounter at least four celebrities.

More soon, and xo,


We patiently waited for DAY ONE. And now it’s here.

15 Apr

hey kids. you should not be surprised to learn that we’re completely wired in the van, as usual. yes, you heard me: rest assured, all shondes are currently logged into social networking sites – so DON’T PANIC – we’re here to share our vantertainment with you the whole way. well except for Eli who’s driving (VERY SAFELY).

it’s surreal, to be honest – we have been frantically pulling this tour together, and suddenly we’re in the van en route to Virginia, to crash for the night, before continuing to Lexington for our first show tomorrow night. i couldn’t be more excited, unless of course, it could be guaranteed that billy dee williams and harrison ford would be attending tomorrow. barring that, i’d say we’re all about as happy as one can be about leaving the greatest city on earth.

will you be following us here, on our humble, new blog, as we travel across the US? we certainly hope so.

wishing you were here in the van with me for temim’s post-dayjob hijinks,