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A small photo update.

12 May

Release day was May 4th and we traipsed around Amoeba Hollywood to find ourselves in the forest of CDs there.  Here is the visage in all its glory, encased in graying plastic!

We did this, then, because, well, how could we not.

In case anyone was concerned, we’re still eating donuts.  These of the I Can’t Believe They’re Vegan variety in Las Vegas.

Whoa.  Big sky.  On our way to Arizona.


Top 11 (you know, Top 10 with a twist)

17 Apr

Top 11, Lexington and Louisville

1. Carrie Neumayer’s excellent + hilarious cartoon accounts of touring, on display at our comics + rocknroll show at Skull Alley last night.  Not to mention her awesome band, Second Story man and their kick-ass set.

2. Getting to talk with some good people about politics, feminism, modern Orthodoxy and how sad music has the potential to be intensely uplifting over one of the strongest soy mochas I’ve ever had.

3. Ale 8 1.  Duh.

4. Babycakes Cupcakes.  Duh squared.

5.  A diptych of genius vegan brunches.  Still recovering from today’s, which featured some of the most delicious biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had.

6. Secretly decorating the backseat of the van with tiny stickers featuring the woebegone faces of dogs and cats.  Shocked and dismayed faces of bandmates at the sight.

7. Al’s Bar’s sweet potato fries.  And their black bean burgers.  And their incredibly nice staff.  OK, so just: Al’s bar, Lexington.

8.  Did I mention that, in Louisville, our friend’s bird sat on my head?  Yeah.

9.  Cathartic yiddish screaming from behind my new drum kit to a frantically dancing audience during Let’s Go last night.  Waaay better than caffeine.

10.  Salted peanuts and craisins are the Van Snack of Tomorrow.

11.  Tonight, St. Louis.  Counting down ’til my first Fitz’s.