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A small photo update.

12 May

Release day was May 4th and we traipsed around Amoeba Hollywood to find ourselves in the forest of CDs there.  Here is the visage in all its glory, encased in graying plastic!

We did this, then, because, well, how could we not.

In case anyone was concerned, we’re still eating donuts.  These of the I Can’t Believe They’re Vegan variety in Las Vegas.

Whoa.  Big sky.  On our way to Arizona.


The Shondes Take Vegas.

2 May

so we played Vegas Pride, and it was pretty amazing. hot sun, nice people, outdoor festival… but then…. we went to our hotel…

we are incredibly nerdy. but wouldn’t you be too, upon seeing your first LP??

2 May

our dear friends Anna and Ron bring us our first shipment of “My Dear One” on vinyl…and we kind of freak out. (and then share it with you.) enjoy our special moment.