We patiently waited for DAY ONE. And now it’s here.

15 Apr

hey kids. you should not be surprised to learn that we’re completely wired in the van, as usual. yes, you heard me: rest assured, all shondes are currently logged into social networking sites – so DON’T PANIC – we’re here to share our vantertainment with you the whole way. well except for Eli who’s driving (VERY SAFELY).

it’s surreal, to be honest – we have been frantically pulling this tour together, and suddenly we’re in the van en route to Virginia, to crash for the night, before continuing to Lexington for our first show tomorrow night. i couldn’t be more excited, unless of course, it could be guaranteed that billy dee williams and harrison ford would be attending tomorrow. barring that, i’d say we’re all about as happy as one can be about leaving the greatest city on earth.

will you be following us here, on our humble, new blog, as we travel across the US? we certainly hope so.

wishing you were here in the van with me for temim’s post-dayjob hijinks,



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