real day one.

15 Apr

we are on our way to our first show. it’s been a long year and a half since our last national tour. i love touring. it’s beautiful outside and we’re seeing the country and playing shows – what could really be better? it’s traumatic of course, to visit places you’ve been before under drastically different circumstances. almost every city is a return, and a reminder of what’s changed since 2008. a lot of the change has been amazing – getting a record deal, pouring all the heartbreak into new material and putting out a whole record of it. (it’s yours now, too. so thanks for the help carrying all this heavy shit around.) but needless to say, it’s also been a year and a half of betrayal, depression and recovery — touring is like returning to the triggering place over and over again. maybe once this tour is over, it’ll really be time to wrap our 3rd record – with whatever new themes emerge (crossing our fingers it isn’t “my dear one 2”.)



One Response to “real day one.”

  1. Claire April 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    Yay! tourblog is back!

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